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The ideal of all education, all training must result in Man-Making. The end and aim of all training is to make a man grow. The man who influences his fellow beings is a dynamo of power that is when he is ready to do anything and everything he likes; that personality put upon man will have tremendous impact on self and society. It is that man who lives, moves and works; it is that man who influences moves his fellow beings and passes out and his intellect, books and works are but traces left behind.

I also believe that “Education” must help us manifest the infinite knowledge within. No knowledge comes from outside. It is all inside. What a man learns is really what he discovers from a mine of infinite knowledge. All powers are within. Man manifests knowledge and discovers it within himself which is pre-existing through eternity. The work of a teacher is to unveil that which is already existing by facilitating and helping the student to concentrate and identity the knowledge and the power. A continuous struggle, a constant fight and an unremitting grappling will ultimately result in the victory of every student. The student who sets out with such a spirit of perseverance will surely find success.

The whole of that big Banyan tree which covers acres of ground was in the little seed which was perhaps no bigger than one eight of a mustard seed. All that mass of energy was confined in a seed, waiting… waiting to manifest into a gigantic power of consciousness and intellect. Pure; unselfish and transparent as a glass, a light shining and showing path to many.

May your journey with Genaxx Public School be wonderful, marvellous, thought-provoking, experiential, leading to a satisfying and successful journey.
All the best!

Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence. -Abigail Adams